3 Reasons Why Online Dating Just Makes Sense Now

3 Reasons Why Online Dating Just Makes Sense Now

Online dating just makes sense now.  Period.

If you’re single (don’t want to be) and have not seriously considered online dating, you’re doing everything wrong. This isn’t the 90s where being online was for the awkward and unkempt; literally everyone in the world is hooked up to the digital IV and you’re missing out on some potential winners. Outside of celebrities and public officials who understandably don’t want their base to have immediate access to their private life, you only have everything to gain by dropping your hat in the online dating ring. Here the 3 best reasons why.

Variety without Travel – Humans, no matter how adventurous we say we are, love routine. When and how we wake up, what grocery store we frequent, social clubs we attend, even where we eat. The people around you are the same, which means you’re going to be running into the same people all the time. Those parties you go to; same people. That coffee shop you patronize in the morning, same people. After work gym class, same sweaty people. If you haven’t found someone in these circles by now, chances are, you’ve exhausted your circle. Rather than moving away or finding another routine every 6 months, online dating offers you the lazy way out. You would be incredibly surprised at how many people you HAVEN’T run into that live, work, and play within 5 miles of you.

Volume, Volume, Volume – William Least Heat-Moon, author of Blue Highways, once speculated that in our lifetime, we average meeting about 100,000 people (which he claims is generous). That sounds like a whole heck of a lot of people, considering that we only really count 50-100 as actual acquaintances. Match.com boasts a cool 23 million members and growing everyday (and those are just the single ones!). No one with access to that many potential husbands and wives should ever claim that they cannot find anyone to date. The Law of Averages work so that the more people you come in contact with online, the more people you date, the more likely it is you will find “The One”.

Time and patience saver – Wouldn’t it be great if the people we meet came with instructions in the back? Oh, how much time we would save if we knew up front that they hate your favorite sports team, smoke like a freight train, is narcissistic and incredibly arrogant, and oh yeah, have 4 children (none of which live with them)? Online dating isn’t exactly the fountain of truth, but with a little bit of conversation and a whole lot of Google searches, you can weed out the undesirables without lifting your hand to demand the check.

Look, I’m not saying that online dating is the magic bullet to all your dating woes. It is just another effective TOOL (yes, it is just a tool) to getting closer to the type of person you want to date. It’s not Facebook; the goal is not to just stare at pictures and read statuses. Take some time to narrow down your search and make some connections. There are too many advantages to online dating that should not be ignored if you are serious about wanting a partner.

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