March Feature – Tiffany Wilson of TiffyTalks

March Feature – Tiffany Wilson of TiffyTalks

In a new segment of our blog, we will be featuring established and up-in-coming entrepreneurs, visionaries, and experts in the area of life, love, fulfillment, and the individual pursuit of what makes us happy.   This month, we are featuring Tiffany Wilson, life coach, author, speaker, and founder of, a resource for women seeking to overcome life’s challenges and integrate godly principles into their daily lives.

How would you describe what TiffyTalks is about? TiffyTalks, LLC is a multi-motivational platform designed to empower women to let go of their fears, step out in faith and #GetEngaged with their lives. For some, getting “more” engaged will happen through reading a blog post and for others it will happen at a KNOW YOUR WORTH Brunch. I’m grateful for the different ways in which each woman can be reached and served.

Tiffany Wilson, Founder of TiffyTalks, LLC, at the KNOW YOUR WORTH Brunch & Coaching Series at Phila., PA Feb. 21, 2016   Photo credit: Taylor Hendrixson

What was your biggest motivation for starting TiffyTalks? As I prayed to do God’s will several years ago, I had no idea I would start a blog or get my Master’s in Divinity. I didn’t even know what a blog was 4 years ago. I was very tech-timid. So, yes God used a bunch of people to help guide me and still does, but the biggest motivation is God’s Spirit, urging me often to continually show up.

Describe the type of reader who would benefit the most from reading your blog? The ambitious millennial woman who’s thinking she has to do everything on her own, or the working mother who’s afraid she’s lost herself in the midst of trying to appease everyone else, also the woman who is on the verge of giving up on God and love. These are the women I pray find my site for inspiration and more importantly revelation to not give up, but instead to #GetEngaged with what matters most.

How have you changed since launching this movement? Initially, I wasn’t sure what “the movement” was, I even received a couple ideas from branding gurus, but I couldn’t go to market with their ideas. I just couldn’t! So, I prayed and waited and eventually I received divine clarity on the #GetEngaged movement, really it’s my mission. Without knowing “MY” mission, I was unsure. Now, I’m confident. As women #GetEngaged with themselves and who God says they are, fullness of life is inevitable. What have you learned about yourself? I am called to comfort, yet challenge women (to love themselves and go as far as God says they can go), but as I challenge them to #GetEngaged, I must also do the work to stay engaged. I won’t get it right all of the time, but I’m invested and blessed because of it.

What are your thoughts regarding the state of dating and relationships? I watched Rev. Run and Tyrese’s show the other night, and there was an African American woman on there saying people don’t date anymore, you know, in the traditional way, holding doors, etc. I get what she was saying, but I also believe God has a way of saving folk from a lot of the nonsense that some women and men have experienced in the name of love. Basically, I think many of us are ill prepared to foster a loving relationship over a long period of time, therefore many of us could benefit from a PAUSE from the dating scene, to check-in with self. Really, do you even know how to connect with another person beyond the physical? –I haven’t been on a date in WELL over a year, and it’s because there are other more important things that I needed to address in order to be prepared for the man for me. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m trying to spot the destiny, purpose guy, not the temporary, do me guy. And, oftentimes many of us haven’t had a break long enough to assess ourselves before we try to take on another emotional being. Did I answer your question? lol

If you had one piece of advice for men and/or women relating to being “Love Smart”, what would it be? If you desire to love smart, stop beating up on yourself for whatever you don’t have and really take the time to #GetEngaged with ALL that you do have. LIKE you, and watch how others like, even love you, too!

If you would like to #GetEngaged, sign the pledge HERE.


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