April Feature – Stephan Labossiere of Stephan Speaks

Empowering women tolet go of their fears,step out in faith, and #GetEngagedwith their lives.(2)

April Feature – Stephan Labossiere of Stephan Speaks

For over nine years, Stephan Labossiere has had one mission.  To create simple, yet direct paths for singles to get…
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Are You Compromising…Or Selling Out?

In every relationship, there are a few compromises you agree to in order to make the relationship work.  Whether you…
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Why Men Don’t Want Smart, Self-Sufficient Women

Last Sunday, I attended the Teach Me How to Love book launch.  In this intimate setting, Troy Spry allowed guests…
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Businessman and Businesswoman in Tug of War on Clifftop. Great illustration of Retro styled Businessmen embroiled in a war of attrition on the top of the cliffs.

Do You Push Away or Pull Towards?

I spend a lot of time asking people what they are looking for in an ideal partner.  I ask this…
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How To Work The Online Dating System

There is a way to work the online dating system. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about…
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Empowering women tolet go of their fears,step out in faith, and #GetEngagedwith their lives.

March Feature – Tiffany Wilson of TiffyTalks

In a new segment of our blog, we will be featuring established and up-in-coming entrepreneurs, visionaries, and experts in the…
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3 Reasons Why Online Dating Just Makes Sense Now

Online dating just makes sense now.  Period. If you’re single (don’t want to be) and have not seriously considered online…
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Couple not talking after a fight on the sofa in living room at home

How To Make Your Partner Happy (When It’s Not Your Thing)

Is it possible to make your partner happy even when what they are asking is not really what you’re familiar…
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Keeping Your Relationship Baggage Free

Last night I found myself humming a song by Erykah Badu.  “Bag lady, you gon’ hurt your back, draggin all…
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Handling Valentine’s Day When You’re Not Ready to Commit

For those who are dating or in the early stages of a relationship, the couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day…
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