Before Committing, Every Couple Needs This


Before Committing, Every Couple Needs This

As a matchmaker, one of the happiest moments in the profession is when your client tells you that the person…
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What Your “High Standards” Actually Mean

I’ll share a secret with you. I cannot stand when people tell me they have high standards. Like, it literally…
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5 Ways To Kickstart Your Relationship Goals

It’s 2016 and you’ve told yourself that this is the year you make love and your relationship a priority this…
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Saving a Marriage with Financial Issues

Financial issues is cited as one of the top reasons for divorce in the United States.  If you and your…
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Where Are All The Men?

Where Are All The Men is a fun and interactive seminar that explores conscious dating strategies for women to find their…
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Black Women Missing Opportunities for Love

In the professional matchmaking industry, one of the toughest markets to serve is the African American woman. Not only is…
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When Your Career Becomes Your Mistress

You’re spending more and more time away from the home. You keep your phone close so that you don’t miss…
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Second Date Landmines to Avoid

So you had your first date and you’re excited. He said all the right words, did all the right things,…
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