We Believe In The Magic of Bold, Brilliant, and Beautiful Black Women

The premiere matchmaking and coaching boutique exclusively for women of color

We Believe In The Magic of Bold, Brilliant, and Beautiful Black Women

The premiere matchmaking and coaching boutique exclusively for women of color

We Believe In The Magic of Bold, Brilliant, and Beautiful Black Women

The premiere matchmaking and coaching boutique exclusively for women of color

We Believe in the Magic of Bold, Brilliant, and Beautiful Black Women

The premiere matchmaking and coaching boutique exclusively for women of color


Our mission is pretty simple. We create a path for bold, brilliant, and beautiful black women to craft the life and love they want and deserve. We work with those who recognize that although they may meet the textbook definition of “having it all”, there is something substantial missing. Life is good, but you know it can be GREAT. You’ve acquired things, but really desire what cannot be bought or sold: a life filled with love, passion, purpose, and fulfillment.

It’s time to have MORE. Let’s bring love to life.


No matter what stage you are in the relationship cycle, we help you reach your goals.


Prepare For the Love of My Life

Most everyone wants to be in a loving established relationship. The road to getting (and staying) there is not so well known.
This program is for women who want to:

  • Determine their ideal relationship and partner before you begin dating
  • Dramatically increase self-esteem and confidence when meeting potential mates
  • Become the ‘chooser’ in dating situations, forever eliminating the fear of rejection
  • Know when to someone is not a match with minimal time and investment

Attract the Love of My Life

You've gained success in everything else in their life, but not in choosing or attracting the right partner. This program is perfect for women who want to:

  • Learn the essential social and dating skills needed to magnetize their ideal partner
  • Learn the best attraction venues where your ideal partner will most likely be
  • Structure the first few dates to best find out if they are a keeper or not a match
  • Learn appropriate flirting skills, while setting clear boundaries
  • Be a master at sorting, screening, and testing potential partners

Restore the Love in Our Lives (Couples Coaching Program)

In this intensive program, we work with couples who want to transform their relationship from just co-existing to reconnecting. This program is for couples who:

  • Have one or both partners whose career has overshadowed the marriage and family life
  • Have a new addition to the family and no longer feeling a priority to the other
  • Love each other, but cannot seem to resolve conflicts with each other
  • Cannot get past old resentments or are allowing past relationship baggage to interfere with the current relationship
  • Do not wish to break up/divorce, but cannot function in current state of relationship



Our personal introductory services are designed for women who are clear on their life purpose and vision, the type of relationship they desire, and the qualities in a partner who will fulfill it.  We connect you with individuals who are compatible to your lifestyle and values so that you can focus on building an immediate connection.

Send Us Your Information
________________________________________ The first step is to fill out a short questionnaire telling us a bit about you and the characteristics of your ideal partner.
Customize a Package
________________________________________ Depending on your relationship goals, we will schedule a consultation to customize a program to fit your needs.
Meet Your Match
We will carefully select the partner who fits your criteria. At the time of your choosing, we will introduce you to what we hope is your future "Plus 1".
Tell Us How It Went!
After each introduction, we gather your feedback as well as your match's perspective. We will learn what went right and/or wrong, and any obstacles to your dating success.

Become a Member


Our beautiful, brilliant, and bold women are used to the best and their partners should be no different. We are looking for single and available men who are attractive, intelligent, healthy, and fit. Above all else, you MUST be seeking an exclusive, monogamous relationship.   If this is you, fill out the information below to receive priority consideration for our matchmaking clients as well as and access to membership only events. Your profile will ALWAYS be private and only seen by Eli Simone staff and personnel engaged in creating introductions.


Learn how we can customize a service that fits you.

If you are READY to be as bold and confident about your love life as you are about your career, meet the love of your life, and step into the life that you've only dreamed about, let's get started today!

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Hi Julie! I've been meaning to follow up with you for a while now, but work had me tied up (due to numerous deadlines). I first want to say THANK YOU for your awesome advice on how to get my 'friend' from texting to calling. I've used your technique a few times with him and it worked like a charm! I kept raving to my girlfriends on how genius you were with that one! 🙂

- Chidelu E.

Julie - Oh my word! J and M met for lunch the Saturday before Christmas. They then spent five days together and are now dating. THANK YOU!!

- Tammy S.

My experience in working with Julie Wadley, if I had to sum things up, has been positively life changing. Julie and I worked together for a brief period; however, through her "diamond in the ruff" coaching techniques, I was fortunate to gain the insight needed to be better equipped for a more balanced journey in this thing called life. If you are seeking direction in life decisions and looking for someone that has an eye for the bigger picture through extraordinary lenses, then Julie Wadley is the best professional to navigate you to your destination!

- S. D.

Julie helped me to face a couple fears that had been lingering in my professional life. Through her patient support and guidance, I was able to move on from those fears, with long-term plans and best practices to help me along my journey. I'm so appreciative for her help!

- Sandy J.

I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do; she helped me learn what I've done wrong in the past and where I can get better and grow in my future relationships.

- Davonna P.

I became tired of the same relationship pattern and wanted to break the cycle as well as have a satisfying social life. That’s when I sought the coaching services of Julie Wadley with Eli Simone. Through weekly one-on-one coaching, I was not only able to fully realize my relationship patterns, but I was able to truly understand what I value when seeking a mate. Talking with Julie on a weekly basis was like speaking with a good friend who will tell you what you need to hear in order for you to reach your goal. If you are looking to improve your potential for finding a mate, I highly recommend the services of Eli Simone.

- Azure C.

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