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Prep for the Love of My Life

When you don’t have a life vision or recognize your life’s purpose, it’s easy to get lost in it’s ebbs and flows. Leading a fulfilling life means having a vision, owning it, and aligning your everyday actions to your goals. 

In this program, you’ll gain clarity on your purpose, how to identify limiting beliefs holding you back, and the 5-step process for connecting the dots between dreaming of your best life to living it.

Activate Love in My Life

Most everyone wants to be in a loving, established relationship. The road to getting (and staying) there is not so clear. Do you know what skills you need to prepare for a healthy stable relationship? Where and how you need to show up to attract your ideal partner?  

In this program, you will learn what intentional dating includes, what self-sabotaging beliefs and actions keep you from your relationship goals, own your relationship history and patterns, and set in motion steps to identify, meet, attract, and retain healthy, authentic partnership.

Restore Love in Our Lives

Never before have we had this many demands on our attention, but there is one thing that we cannot afford to lose, your significant other.  

The purpose of this program is to help couples acquire a deep understanding of yourself and each other, co-creating a shared life vision, clarify your commitment to the relationship and partner, and learn new skills to help open communication, process differences, and resolve conflict with grace and understanding. 


Designed to work from the inside out, we dive into who your life vision and what qualities in a partner are best suited for you.  We do an extensive search for individuals who match those qualities. Taking it a step further, we interview and screen every possible match so that you don’t have to.  Each introduction allows you to learn more about yourself and what is truly important.