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Eli Simone takes a new approach to Old School Matchmaking – Elevate Lifestyle Magazine

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CHARLOTTE, NC, March 18, 2014 – With over 44% of adults single, 61% of which have never been married, Eli Simone LLC, a personal matchmaking and coaching firm, launches a new method of attracting and maintaining relationships geared towards commitment-minded, yet time-limited individuals. Singles sometimes need support in finding the love of their life, but also in changing the way they think about love and relationships. Eli Simone LLC is made for the new aged single; ready for true love, no time to find it, and losing confidence in its existence.

As the acceptance of alternative methods to meeting people is on the rise, dating services like matchmaking are providing more singles the ability to meet individuals tailored specifically to their lifestyle, values, and needs. Historically, matchmaking focused bringing two compatible singles together in the hopes that magic will occur. Unfortunately, most know how to find someone they are attracted, to, but not how to be or find a good partner.

Eli Simone takes it a step further by providing a holistic approach to matchmaking. By infusing life and relationship coaching techniques, the company seeks to bring out the best in their clients so that they can attract their ideal partner. Once an ideal partner is found, Eli Simone provides on-going coaching support as the couple begins their newfound relationship. Clients have the unique opportunity to go through a focused dating program where they complete a relationship readiness assessment, determine their life purpose and vision, and become aware of any beliefs or behaviors that are detrimental to successful relationships. They then work through their relationship criteria so that when a potential mate comes along, they know what to look out for, and more importantly, what not to waste their time pursuing.

Eli Simone LLC has experience with professional matchmaking and coaching with its Founder and CEO Julie Wadley featured on WPEG, WGIV, WBTV News, WCCB News, and MadameNoire to name a few. As a certified Matchmaker and certified life/relationship coach, Wadley believes that, “Matchmaking isn’t just about finding someone a date; it’s about building successful relationships to last”. It’s simple; Eli Simone LLC knows what clients need.

Eli Simone holds a monthly social event called ICE BREAKERS designed to remove the awkward, “get to know you” phase by creating fun, competitive events that bring out the attendees full personalities. The company also provides a free 5-day e-Course on “How to Find a Love that Lasts” for anyone who would like to get a taste of what the “Purposeful Dating” coaching program is all about. You can sign up for the e-Course or find more information about the company by going to https://www.elisimone.com or by contacting Wadley at julie.wadley@elisimone.com