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Tips to Keep the Peace During Football Season

Men. You know when football season is coming. Discuss the importance of the football season for you and together come up with a schedule of Me, You, and US time.

If you are in a relationship, chances are, you’re not going to get away with spending EVERY Saturday and Sunday glued to the television ALL day. Pre-determine the days and times that are MOST important to you to watch uninterrupted. Let her know that, unless it is extremely important, that you would appreciate time dedicated to watching/discussing football. STICK TO THE PLAN as much as possible.

Come up with activities that you and your partner can do together (and not just during the bye week!). On those important game days, treat her to a spa day or day out with friends and family so that she knows that you are still thinking of her.

INVITE HER TO JOIN YOU. Even if she always says no, invite her anyway. Every time. They just want to know that you care.

Women. Recognize that football is extremely important to your significant other. It’s not just about pigskin and 22 players; most likely, your significant other is emotionally tied to the game. It’s a tradition that brings men from all over together.

*Understand why it’s so important to him
*Understand the game (even if it’s just a basic understanding)
*STICK TO THE SCHEDULE that has been pre-determined between you and him.

Make it a point to watch a few games with him (this is where understanding the game comes in handy. DO NOT ask for a tutorial during the game!)

Once you have a better understanding of the game and your man, you may end up having a great time with each other. These tips should help keep the peace between you and your partner. Happy Football season!