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Valentine’s Day: the scariest day of the year!


Valentine’s Day can be the scariest days of the year for old and new couples.  For new couples, it effort (or lack thereof) put into the day can solidify or dissolve a relationship.  For old couples, it can end up being a contest to see who loves who the most.  And no one is more scared than men.

Men carry most of the burden in making Valentine’s Day feel special for their partners.  So what do you do?

Get a relationship status check up well in advance – the effort should be directly correlated to the relationship phase

Plan ahead – no one likes a rushed gift

Be spontaneous – don’t do the same thing you’ve always done…surprise them!

Less can be more – sentimental gifts will always win over the expensive ones

If you are not interested in deepening the relationship, make it clear well before Valentine’s Day.  It’s the humane thing to do.

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