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WBTV Bounce TV – Regaining Trust in a Relationship

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When someone in a relationship breaks your trust, there are many that will say that the relationship should be dissolved, but there are ways to regain that trust.

1. Determine if you both want the relationship to continue. If either one of you believe it is not worth saving, part ways as amicably as possible.

2. Acknowledge the act or actions that have broken the trust. At times, we want to ignore the actions and behaviors of others who have caused us harm. The rationale is, if we simply choose to not talk about it, it does not exist. Acknowledging the actions or behaviors force you to deal with the problem head on.

3. Identify the root cause – oftentimes the problem wasn’t the action, but the needs that are not being met. In some cases of infidelity, the actual act is but a symptom (albeit, a very hurtful one) of a larger problem. It could be lack of communication, or trust. The need to be respected, acknowledged, shown affection, etc. Some people choose to go outside of the relationship looking for what has been lacking rather than confront the issue with their partner.

4. Recognize and take responsibility for your part. Although the other person is clearly at fault, the responsibility of resolving the underlying issue needs to be shared beetween the two. The root cause identified earlier takes two to build.

5. Forgiveness – Before you can being the process of trusting again, you must consciously and honestly forgive the other for the behaviors that have led to the broken trust. Do not punish the other person or use it as leverage to continue to hurt them or the relationship.

6. Finally, be patient. It will take time and consistent thoughts and actions that display honesty and trust in one another again. It will not happen overnight, nor will it be easy. Work on fulfilling the needs that were not met in order to rebuild what has been broken. Be open and communicate your feelings often.

There is no a magic bullet to repairing a relationship, but these steps will put you on the right track.